I will be working the 2017 Denver Tattoo Arts Convention with my buddies, Frankie Baker, Russell White and DankBuilt coming up shortly in September.  ...

February 04, 2017

Travel schedule 2017

So far I'll be working the following spots this year. Only a couple conventions so far but will add more dates and places soon. If you'd like me to try and make it out your way, drop me a line! April 7th-9th Baltimore Tattoo Arts Convention   The rest of my convention and travel schedule changed for the rest of the year. There will ...

February 03, 2017

Mandala design template

I made a mandala template in Adobe Illustrator a while back. I've since switched to designing them digitally now. Hopefully someone out there will find these useful. The circles are spaced a half inch apart and the first few are a quarter inch. Odd and even amounts of sections. Below are links to the Illustrator files and Jpegs of them as well. ...

February 29, 2016

Baltimore Tattoo Convention

I'll be working the Baltimore Tattoo Convention with the Oxblood Ink crew in April.